The Little Fox Story


Toby, my little fox. He is the reason I spent months reading about anti-viral anything and everything. When he was 10 months he got his first cold sore, and got one or two breakouts month.

Finding that over the counter products worked only when a breakout was happening and didn’t appear to do much (especially to a one year old who rub his face every 30 seconds). and after constant use they would leave his skin in a sorry state.

The cold sore breakouts also affect him socially. Regularly out of daycare because of his cold sores, not seeing his friends and costing us a small fortune in fees even though he couldn’t go to daycare.

This started my journey of research and experimentation. Trying everything and anything you could think of: lysine, cold packs, dancing around a fern. Vitamin C powder is a very strong anti-viral and made into a paste stop a cold sore overnight almost, however, being an acid it’s results were a doubled edged sword.

One oddly worded google search lead me to a research paper abstract about Melissa Oil and its effects on HSV type 1 and type 2. As I am studying to become a primary school science teacher I jump into the uni library and found the research paper. After reading it I quickly ordered a small and expensive bottle of Melissa Oil.

The Melissa Oil worked brilliantly when added to a transfer medium. I then taught myself how to make a lip balm to apply it to his little face without skin to skin contact. Toby went from one or two cold sores a month to one a year. Then one he got last year only made it to the blister stage and was gone in a day or two.

He now goes to daycare all year and we don’t need to worry about his breakouts or him passing the virus onto his big brother. That’s the how and why I started Little Fox Lip Balm, and now we want to help and share it with you.